Taking an 在线 Course

Join the ranks of those who take advantage of 美高梅手机娱乐官网's distance education programs. 作为一名emmu的学生, you can complete many of our degree programs through the convenience of online courses. 我们的许多在线课程都使用 Mediasite, a live 和 on-dem和 lecture capture tool that brings you, the student, into the classroom.

ENMU faculty also drive to off-campus locations to teach upper-division 和 graduate courses that lead to degrees in education.

在线 courses are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week

  • 了解更多关于 在线课程 (透过互联网传送的资料).
  • 了解更多关于 MediasiteCanvas (the virtual learning environment you'll use as a distance education or online student at ENMU).
  • 进一步了解我们的 dual enrollment program (在高中时获得大学学分).


作为一名远程教育学生, 你们有同样的途径获得经济援助等资源, 为在校学生提供咨询和就业服务, as well as other resources that are exclusively for distance education students.



Registering for an online course uses the same process as on-campus student course registration. 第一步是申请并被电大录取.



Some courses at ENMU may require you to complete their quizzes, 在监考环境下的作业或考试. There are resources in New Mexico 和 nationally that can help you find an appropriate exam site or 测试普氏 option. 在教练的允许下, a proctored setting can be arranged at a local library or school or (for a fee) at a testing center. 在线 options (for a fee) are also available for proctored testing. You are responsible for arranging for this proctoring session 和 paying any fees. ENMU does not officially endorse any proctoring entity or location. Your instructor will provide you with options for having an exam proctored.

View more information about 测试普氏 >

如果你在上在线课程, you'll be using Canvas, ENMU's online learning management system (a Canvas account is automatically created for all admitted students, 并用于传递大部分课程内容). Each campus in the ENMU system has its own Canvas system 和 unique login page. All courses offered through the Portales campus will have a "P" designation as part of the course code (e.g.,为151 (001). Ruidoso 和 Roswell classes will NOT appear on the Portales Canvas site.

View more information about Canvas 和 system requirements >


After you've been admitted to ENMU 和 have registered for your online course, 登录Canvas开始课程. 控件可以访问Canvas MyENMU门户 或者使用直接链接at enmu.等等.com. The benefit of logging in through the portal is the convenience of accessing all your ENMU accounts (email, student account information, Canvas, 等.),而无需登录单独的系统.

You will need your ENMU account information to log into the MyENMU门户 和 Canvas. 如果你已经注册了一门课程, you have your ENMU account information including your ENMU student ID 和 your network login information. 如果您没有门户或Canvas的登录信息, 您的第一步是获取您的帐户信息.

View more information about picking up your account information >


要访问您的ENMU-Portales在线课程,请登录Canvas. Your courses will appear on the "My Classes" page two weeks before the semester begins. Please check the start dates of your second 4- or 8-week session. 如果你上课迟到了, please be aware it can take several hours for the registration system to show your course information in Canvas.


Success with 在线 Courses

Success with online courses requires a different set of skills than that used in a face-to-face course. You must be self-paced, self-controlled 和 diligent about your coursework. Also, you must have access to a computer that meets the requirements to access the course materials.

如果你对以下任何一个问题的回答是“不”, you will probably need to make adjustments in order to succeed in online courses.

  • 你是自学的吗??
  • 你通常按时完成作业吗?
  • Does the computer that you will use to access the course meet or exceed the following specifications?


When you're taking an online course, it's best not to wait for your instructor to contact you. You are responsible for completing your coursework 和 interacting with the other students. Be sure to note all due dates 和 test dates, 和 follow all rules posted in the course. Read every page in your Canvas course to be sure you have not missed anything. 如果你有问题,与你的导师沟通.

  1. 经常阅读并参考课程大纲. This document outlines the expectations for the course 和 often has guidelines for success.
  2. Always keep a copy of all of the documents 和 work that are created for a course in a folder on a flash drive 和/or on the computer.
  3. Set aside time to work on your course each week – this is your class time.
  4. 永远不要拖延或落后于你的课程. It is nearly impossible to catch up in an online class once you get behind; there is simply too much reading 和 writing involved. Make a note of all due dates or deadlines, 和 complete work early.
  5. If something unexpected happens that affects your participation in a course, or, 如果你对这门课还有其他问题, 尽快联系你的教练.

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